Will This Decrease Its Value?

It is a popular myth that replating antiques diminish their value. Our Company is about metal restoration. This means restoring an item back to its original condition. When we work on a beautiful candelabra from the 1880's where all the silver is missing, our job is to replate it in the same fashion as it was 120 years ago (see next FAQ). As a result, it will look the same as it did when it was first sold. It will be something that you will be proud to have on your dining room table instead of a black, unpolishable object that resides in a carton in the basement. Or, if you are in the antique business, you will have something that you can put in the showcase with a hefty price tag. However, there are a few instances when we advise against refinishing. For example, if you have genuine Sheffield Plate (these items are pre 1820 and are not marked with the word "Sheffield"). Another example would be a genuine Tiffany-brand lampshade which has the original patina. When these items enter our shop, we give our honest opinion of how far to go. Many times, we do as much as is necessary, such as a repair, and no more than that.